September 6, 2021

Demand Side Response

Side Response

Ask the Experts Demand Side Response September 2021

With an increasing proportion of our electricity coming from intermittent renewable energy sources like wind & solar, new strategies are needed to match electricity supply and demand.

At any moment, the amount of electrical power generated, and consumed need to be in balance – too much or too little, could lead to power-cuts, or wind /solar farms being turned off when they could be delivering power.

Traditionally, supply and demand were matched by ramping fossil fuel and hydro-power up and down, but increasingly as fossil fuels provide a smaller share of electricity, this needs to be supplemented by adjusting demand to match supply, and by storing power for later use.

Examples include running industrial processes at times when there is spare generation available on the grid, letting the grid operator control when out immersion heaters run, and smart electric vehicle charging / vehicle to grid.

Gary’s talk will discuss these demand side management, and related smart meter / tariff arrangements and how these interact with the emerging Internet of Things.”.