January 19, 2021

Marlow Solar Streets

PV Panels

Marlow Solar Streets: PV Panels Explained

Please Note IDDEA have recently gone into administration, although the YouTube video is still interesting and informative.

Marlow Energy Group, in association with IDDEA, held a ‘Marlow Solar Streets’ Zoom event promoting the installation of solar PV (photovoltaic) in Marlow in early 2021.

IDDEA had already installed 700 solar projects in the south and south-west. The highly competitive figure of £4000 for 12 panels (4kWp total) was being offered on the basis that IDDEA could make at least 10 installations in and around Marlow. This had not been a problem in other towns such as Henley, Thame, and St Albans.

The Zoom presentation describes the financial savings, environmental benefits.

This exciting venture was supported by Marlow Town Council’s ‘Sustainable Marlow’ campaign and by many local groups.